Welcome to a life of freedom


True well being is available to us all here and now. It is the innate core of our being, which is silent, present and real. When this space is revealed and recognised, this life can be fully lived with ease, vitality and balance, enabling us to live our full potential. 

Using investigation, contemplation and meditiation, Susannah is able to point directly to the inner sanctuary we are all looking for, providing relief, ease and a new ability to function in our lives in a natural and un-contrived way. Susannah offers group work and one-on-one sessions to those who want to liberate the mind, as well as purify the body, in our chaotic world of change and challenge. When we are able to be with our present experience with an open heart and mind, there is an opening to our full potential as human beings.

Susannah is a True Wellness Coach. With a 17 year background of non-duality teachings, Reiki healing and extensive inner work, she is an enabler of wellness - focusing on the place of health, balance, stability and clarity within us all.